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VAMPUNKS is a gothic cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game in which you and your friends take on the role of devil-may-care vampire hunters facing off against ancient undead in a chaotic sci-fi future. With dark magic and deadly machines working against you, can the latest generation of monster slayers take back the night?

  • Create a team of battle-ready vampunks, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, to face off against the vampiric threat. 
  • Use an easy to learn three D6 (or 666) system to take on all the challenges that the vampires have in store. 
  • Cling onto your fragile life by EMBRACING VAMPIRISM when your vampunk faces Death's door. Gain dark powers at the risk of your very soul! 
  • Survived the mission? Spend your hard earned cash on UPGRADES that will augment your vampunk into an ever more powerful cyborg badass.
  • Bring your Game Master into the fun with The Punk Wrangler role as they try (and fail) to keep their vampunks from tearing this city apart!
  • Take on four distinct missions and 19 different enemies, or use this augment friendly system to create your own unique adventures!

The base-game includes...

  • Rules for set up, character creation, and general gameplay.
  • Four different adventures to play through. 
  • 19 different enemies to use. 
  • 12 pieces of stylish art throughout its pages. 
  • Tables for gaining vampiric powers and post-mission upgrades.
  • Printable character sheets for both the vampunks (players) and the Punk Wrangler (game master).
  • Cut off points for curious players and Punk Wranglers ready to learn more. 
  • 34 total pages of vampire slaying fun. 

We may be in the future, but our blood sucking friends are timeless.  

Good luck, VAMPUNKS, you'll need it. 


Want more VAMPUNKS action? Pick up  VAMPUNKS  Mission Pack: 1!

This expansion includes...

  • Four new missions to take on (Bat Out of Hell, Mall'd to Death, Night of the Vampdroid, and Moonpires)
  • Seven new enemies to face. 
  • Six new stylish illustrations.
  • 16 total pages of vampire slaying fun. 

Looking for a spooky good time? Pick up VAMPUNKS: Punkoween!

This expansion includes...

  • One new mission to play through, the longest one yet at quadruple the size of a base game mission!
  • One new enemy to take on.
  • Two new stylish illustrations.
  • 12 total pages of vampire slaying fun.
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorThe Punk Wrangler
GenreAction, Role Playing
TagsComedy, Cyberpunk, Gothic, Horror, Vampire


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(2 edits) (+2)

This is it. This is the BloodNet sequel that we* have all been craving.

It's 36 pages, with clean, readable layout and cheeky, somewhat over the top art.

It's also a lot of fun. Vampunks mixes two seperate genres that are both really good at establishing atmosphere and diving into self-indulgence. In channeling their combined strengths, it creates a setting that's hard not to enjoy.

While I also wouldn't have minded a dead-serious vampire/cyberpunk title, Vampunks is explicitly not that game. It knows it's schlocky, and it leans all the way in. The sample PC is "Fred Bonesteak", who has vowed to kill all vampires after a laser-eyed cyborg vampire killed his parents---and the sample GMPC is "Amanda Garlic", who is the first person to defeat a vampire by heckling it on social media.

In a similar vein, Vampunks is designed to be very easy to pick up and play. Its core dice mechanic is 3d6-STAT, no modifiers, only roll if it matters, and a typical roll on an average stat produces success with a complication, which keeps the story moving forward, and keeps it messy. Combat is similarly simple, with the addition of damage as a possibility on failed rolls.

Vampunks feels like it finds its niche in crunchy, pick-up game style play, but it has character progression that's both flavorful and cool, and this makes it a fair contender for a regular campaign. It also comes with a full bestiary, plus four scenarios in the core book, plus more in the mission pack, so GM prep and mission/creature writing is pretty optional.

Overall, I really dig this game. It doesn't try to do anything too crazy (although it does have neat mechanics surrounding PC death,) but it also doesn't fumble the execution on anything. Admittedly I'm a sucker for pulp, but I really like the setting as well. Just enough is defined that the players' expectations are calibrated, but there's plenty more that's left for the GM and players to define.

For its current price of free, Vampunks is a ridiculously good bargain, and I'd suggest paying $5-$15 for it if it's in your budget. Reading through the book was a delight, and I've added it to my list of games to drop on players when a regularly scheduled thing cancels.

*literally just me

Minor Issues:

-If going above 3 Vamp turns you into a full vampire, you're very likely to hit that threshold in the same combat where you gained your first point of Vamp, sort of ruining the cool slow burn progression of the trait. Maybe instead of penalizing grit/tech/faith for every point of Vamp someone gains, let them spend grit/tech/faith in place of gaining Vamp points? This ensures there's still a cost, but lets players draw things out a bit more.

-If the GM is instructed not to allow the PCs to heal via skill checks, it may be worth also adding a player-facing note that healing via check will not usually be something PCs can do.

-Page 31, mission briefing, there's "VirtueTech" instead of "VirtuTech" at the end of the text block


Wow! Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoy the game! Good notes too, I'll for sure look into them when it comes to further updates to the game. 


Vhat a Vonderful Vame


Super fun game!